Rich Homie Quan is Cheating On His Long Term Girlfriend and Baby Muva - Oh And The Sidechick Is Bold As Ever!

Rich Homie Quan is Cheating On His Long Term Girlfriend and Baby Muva – Oh And The Sidechick Is Bold As Ever!

TEA ALERT: So Rich Homie Quan is really out here cheatin’ on his “Future Wife”  (left) who he has been with for 6 years….with this Felicia (right)? The Felicia has her page open and everything. We don’t like a man that’s disloyal to a woman who held him down when he didn’t have a thing to get with a woman who is fine with being a side chick. Not only that, he didn’t even have the respect to keep that girl under the radar! That’s the ultimate DOWNGRADE!







But what set us off like no other, is that Ol’ Girl  had the audacity to come at the baby muva like SHE was the side chick!

Ladies, let me explain something to you one good time. If you are okay with being a side chick then that is the position you WILL ALWAYS PLAY. How you get the man is how you lose him, and don’t you forget that! This side chick, who shall go by the name of Felicia, already knows that he has publicly acknowledged his baby mother of 6 years on social media. The fact that she would continue to date and flaunt this man despite his current attachments is disgusting! Below, you will see that the baby mother commented under one of Felicia’s pics (of Rich Homie Quan) with smiley faces that are laughing. The side chick took it upon herself to address her with a comment that was out of line.


What possesses these women, besides the money, to stay with these men that treat them like dirt? Seriously, there isn’t a dime in the world that will make us stay with a foolio! Not only is it disrespectful, but lets think about the risk of diseases and unplanned pregnancy. Listen, a man will treat you exactly how you allow him to! If you show him that you are willing to walk away then he might be willing to change. That is if he loves you! If he isn’t willing to make a change then kick that chicken dinner to the curb! That only means he isn’t the one for you and he isn’t worth your time!

My sistas, listen to me. I’m not just giving you the gossip up in The Shade Room. We aren’t just exploiting these Celebs over here. We are a different kind of site and we really care about bettering the lives of our readers. Lets use this messy situation as an example for what NOT to do in our relationships. You can’t just sit around like a doormat and let men walk all over you, because trust me honey..they will have no problem doing it!

If you need more relationship advice feel free to contact us at and we will get you together! We can’t have our #roommates slippin’!



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