Rich The Kid Says He's 'Fighting' For His Family With Tori Brixx

Rich The Kid Says He’s ‘Fighting’ For His Family With Tori Brixx Following ‘Hush Money’ Pregnancy Allegations (Exclusive Video)

On the latest episode of Stepping Into The Shade Room, rapper, and songwriter Rich The Kid is opening up about his upcoming album, his thoughts after Takeoff’s passing, and working with veteran artist Lil Wayne. The rapper also was very transparent in speaking on his relationship with his fiancée and mother of one of his children, Tori Brixx, with host Thembi.

The 30-year-old New York-born, Atlanta-raised rapper rose to fame with his 2017 hit single, “New Freezer,” featuring Kendrick Lamar. Since then, he has released a total of six studio projects, including a joint album with the aforementioned New Orleans Cash Money native. Outside of his musical accolades, the rapper has also captured the public’s eye with his years-long romance with his fiancée, Tori Brixx. According to HipHopDX, the rapper popped the question to Brixx in December 2019.

However, the pair’s romance has not been without public strife. According to AllHipHop, a woman reportedly exposed the rapper for failing to pay her $35,000 in “hush money” to keep a pregnancy fathered by Rich private. After the allegations became public, Rich The Kid apologized to his fiancée via Instagram. Now, the rapper is sharing more about the pair’s relationship, the meaning behind his apology, and how he intends to move forward with Brixx.

Rich The Kid Speaks On His Apology To Tori Brixx

The rapper’s apology to his fiancée has now been deleted from his Instagram account. However, AllHipHop provided the rapper’s apology in a recently published report.

“I’d like to make a public apology to my best friend, my lover, and fiancée for any disrespect, disloyalty, or allegations of anything. I’m a grown man, I’ve done wrong, and I’m owning up and asking for forgiveness from a beautiful strong woman that has taken care of not only me but our family for years… I’m not like these [others]… I know I’ve been wrong and will fix it, love you @toribrixx, I am so sorry.”

In conversation with Thembi, the rapper explained that “all men make mistakes.” Then also shared that “there wasn’t no hush money” involved in the alleged events.

Additionally, Rich The Kid further explained his public apology to Brixx.

[I was] apologizing for, of course — you know, it was public that this happened. I was apologizing for, of course, putting her through that… I gotta apologize to my wife publicly because it was public.”

The Rapper Is “Fighting” For His Family With Brixx

The rapper explained that the wedding to Brixx is still in upcoming plans. However, the couple is “working on a family right now.”

“I’m fighting for my family… [you] got to go hard for what you want. She definitely is my family. We been together for like six years…”

Furthermore, the rapper explained that he sees himself with her “for the rest” of his life.

“I definitely see myself with her for the rest of my life. I’d be a fool to do anything else.”

Watch Stepping Into The Shade Room with guest Rich The Kid above!


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