Rich The Kid is one of the latest celebs to be hit with a lawsuit and according to reports, it’s over an alleged Twitter prank. TMZ reports that Rich’s former landlord, Maro Burunsuzyan has made constant contact with him to address late rent and damage fees
The tweet that was allegedly sent out on February 14th has since been deleted, but it reportedly said, “Valentines call me,” followed but Maro’s cell phone number. Maro claims that after that tweet hit the net, her phone blew up with calls and text messages! In the suit she filed in New York, she claimed she got hit with at least “500 text messages and multiple phone calls from Rich the Kid’s fans.”
We hear the conversation leading up to the tweet included Maro telling Rich that “they were done talking” because it had become evident that he had no intentions of paying her what was due. She claims he responded, “oh really?” Shortly before the calls and texts begun pouring in, Maro has requested the judge order him to pay an undisclosed amount in damages.
Outside of his legal woes, Rich is not only gearing up to drop an album, “The World is Yours 2,” which he recently announced will include features from artists like Big Sean, Offset, Young Thug, Miguel, and more, he will also be clocking into daddy duties very soon as most of you know that he and his boo thang, Tori Brixx are expecting! The two have been flaunting their love and excitement for parenthood on the internet.
As we know, the baby will arrive when ready, but the album is set to hit shelves and streaming services March 22!
We are wishing Rich the best of luck with fatherhood, his album, and this new lawsuit.
Check out Rich’s album guest list and let us know who you’re most excited about hearing!
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