#Roommates, #RickRoss and his ex #TiaKemp have been known to trade insults back and forth over social media. But Rozay has had enough and now reportedly wants #TiaKemp’s social media accounts to be suspended!

According to @Blast, Ross filed a motion to have Tia to stop addressing child-related issues on her social media. Rozay accused Tia of being “upset that [Ross] will not cede to her financial demands so that she can live off of child support rather than obtain employment” and is now “trying her case” to the media through “a series of vulgar tirades.”

Ross reportedly wants a court order to make Tia delete all posts about him and have her social media accounts suspended. Ross has also asked for a third-party to review and approve all asocial media posts and reposts in advance of it becoming public. Roommates this is getting P-E-T-T-Y!

The good news is! We spoke to a source that confirmed Ross has spoken to the son he shares with Tia despite her #CallYoSon hashtag movement and they’re looking to have things “go back to normal.”

Hopefully they can figure this all out roommates, at least for their son’s sake!

Source: https://theblast.com/rick-ross-baby-mama-social-media-suspended/