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Rick Ross Says Groundskeeper’s Lawsuit May Be A Revenge Plotted By 50 Cent!!

Looks like Rick Ross isn’t here for the lies anymore and wants to clear his name!

If you remember, a few months ago Rick Ross was jailed for allegedly holding his groundskeeper against his will where he was allegedly pistol-whipped and beaten up so badly that he had to drink through a straw for throwing parties and driving around in Rozay’s car without permission.

Well Ross, who was since charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated battery and is free on $2 million bond, has cued the music and is now saying to Jonathan Zamudio (the alleged victim) “Why you always lying!”… That’s because Ross has proof that Zamudio isn’t telling the whole truth!

First, Ross says the 911 call that was placed by Zamudio happened three hours after the alleged attack occurred. Not only that but Ross is also saying for a man who was beaten within inches of his life, Zamudio sounded pretty calm on the phone.

You can listen to the full call Here

Lastly, Ross believes that Zamudio is conspiring against him with his arch rival, 50 Cent! He believes that Fiddy is using Zamudio’s lawsuit in a chess game of revenge after he lost his lawsuit to Rozay’s babymomma! We all know 50 Cent can hold one hell of a grudge especially if the crime cost him $7 million !!!

Here’s a picture 50 Cent posted with Zamudio taking shots at the situation not too long ago:



Ross is saying that this elaborate scheme was made up by someone who has alleged drug problems as he hints to Zamudio leaving cocaine and other drug paraphernalia around his house.

This is definitely looking like a game of Power between the two, but who will come up on top? Let’s chat below!


Sources Sited: TMZ


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