#Roommates, about 2 weeks ago #TiaKemp went on IG Live and went IN on #RickRoss for allegedly being an absentee father in her son’s life. Sis also took things a step further by dragging his sister and mother into the beef claiming they were ugly just like Rick!

Well, looks like things are coming back around cause Rick Ross’ sister #TawandaRoberts has now retained a lawyer and has already delivered a cease & desist letter to Tia for the comments she made! Her lawyer also made a reference to Tia’s issues with Rozay stating he doesn’t have to see his son when he goes to Miami if he doesn’t want to!

In the cease & desist, Tawanda claims she can take Tia to court, garnish her wages, take the property from her home and more! Tia doesn’t seem too phased cause she posted the letter on her IG with a caption saying “Gag on these nuts.”

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