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Rick Ross’ Takes His Car Back From His BabyMomma And She Is Pissed!!!

Rick Ross’ baby momma is not here for the games, chile! Tia Kemp has been on a heated roll these past few days on social media after word got out that Rozay got his lady, Lira Galore, tatted. We thought she was just being salty but it looks like there’s a reason behind the madness!

She’s claiming Rick Ross took the car from their son…again!! Meanwhile they’re son is only nine, and Rick Ross wants to know how he stole something that he paid for? 

Anywho, seeing how she was going off for the gram, it wasn’t surprising when she took to social media to try and persuade Rick to give it back. She posted pics with Ricky with Diddy, Hov, T.I., French Montana, Lebron James, and even their son next to the BMW B7; in an effort to get them to convince him to return the car. 

A source told TMZ that Rick Ross in fact did take the car by they don’t see the harm or theft seeing as how he did pay for it. Granted, she allegedly used the car to drive their son to school, but what can a 9-old-possibly do with a BMW?! 

Why did Rick Ross step into petty island and take the car in the first place? We hear that Rick wasn’t here for her coming at his boo Lira and so he decided to shut up Tia for good!

At the end of the day, the car is allegedly in his name, and paid for by him. So room mates, did he “steal” the car or is she tripping?


Source: TMZ, http://m.tmz.com/#Article/2015/09/10/rick-ross-stolen-car-feud-baby-mama-son-instagram

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