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Rick Ross Talks Adele, Black Market, And More With Billboard

Just about 24 hours after the news broke that Rick Ross was granted release from his house arrest sentence, he is right back to work! 

He sat down with Billboard to catch the public up on what’s been going on –including revealing details and art for his upcoming LP Black Market. 

We guess being on house arrest gave him a lot of time to reflect and tweek his style and that’s exactly what he told Billboard happened. “A new approach,” he says is what we can expect from Black Market. 

“This is gonna be a person to person Rick Ross LP, maybe the first one I recorded this way,” he said. “You know, this album is, I feel like, most definitely gonna be a Rozay on a higher, intellectual level, just discussing a different array of things.  When you listen to records like “Foreclosure,” that’s like me sitting in a room by myself just rapping about things that’s running across my mind and things that have been bothering me. And during my incarceration, that was the type of music I created. Just in that short moment of time, I really just sat there… I’m a mothaf—- that flies six million miles a year and just to halt one day, out of the blue, for three weeks? It’s just, “Woah.” There’s a lot of shit that I wrote and a lot of shit that I thought about. I came back out and scrapped a lot of music and I recorded some dope songs, but my first day home I recorded six records. So that’s why I was able to put out the Black Dollar record and have been releasing a slew of freestyles, just feeding the fans and everybody that’s been asking for that Rozay music.”

Furthermore, he says, “You know, a lot of times I love writing in the capacity of groups of people, clubs, visions; rarely is it intimate moments where you’re just totally confined to yourself. And I did a lot of writing and I had a lot of time to do that. The music kind of came out that way.” 

So right about now everyone has been talking about the status of MMG! Memes have been circulating and Meek Mill has been popping off about who’s in and who’s not. The bawse shed some light on a more business aspect of the state of the deal. So basically, Rick Ross is finishing his time with Def Jam but MMG is with Atlantic. Rick Ross says once his contacts are up with Def Jam, ownership is his main focus. He says, “… I have a lot of people interested in possibly bringing MMG over to new situations and I’m entertaining those conversations, most definitely.” He says it would be ideal to take MMG with him wherever he goes but his top priority is what will work best for the team as a whole so right now it’s 50/50 and ultimately whatever the decision is is the way he will go! 

Okay so, yall know he is engaged now, right?! Yeah to Lira Galore! Will him being newly engaged play any part in his musical content change?! He says yes and no! 

” I think that is the softer side, would be records like “Sorry.” [Laughs] I always made a few records in the past — “Aston Martin Music,” “Diced Pineapples” — that the ladies would always be able to appreciate. And I think that just went to another level as far as it being that much more personal.”

Before wrapping things up, Rozay talked a little about his Adele fandom! 

Not only did he say he loves her work, he plans to reach out to her for a Rick Ross and Adele collab! 

“Nah, I’m reaching out through you guys right now. Adele, I love you, baby. Get at me — I got a wonderful idea for us. [Laughs] Congratulations on your new music.”

Now that would be dope!!

He covered A LOT more ground, yall should take a look at the full interview! 


Source: Billboard, http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/the-juice/6746262/rick-ross-black-market-cover-art-adele-label-exclusive?mobile_redirection=false

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