Ricky Rozay Is Being Sued For Not Using His Twitter Fingers!

Ricky Rozay Is Being Sued For Not Using His Twitter Fingers!

Looks like Rick Ross can never catch a break and this time he’s getting in trouble for being a horrible Tweeter!!

We know all know that Rick Ross is not the greatest person you should have represent you on Twitter, let’s not forget the epic fail of a tweet when he tried to put his two cents in on the Meek Mill vs Drake beef:


Fortunately, Meek Mill was cool about it and forgave him but it’s not the same story for promo group, Contexts. They are pissed and are coming for his pockets for a Twitter deal gone wrong!

Basically, Ross was supposed to host a Super Bowl party on Jan. 30 at the Scottsdale Mall Amphitheater but when ticket sales were looking a bit hurt, Contexts decided to cancel the party and they are blaming it all on him!

The company claims that they paid “The Boss” a $55k deposit to tweet about the event every day for the two weeks leading up to it and then he would receive an extra $55k after the deal had been satisfied at the end. 


Well according to TMZ, Rick Ross only tweeted once about the event throughout that whole two week period! 

Rick Ross has 13 million followers on Twitter and the promoters were sure that they were guaranteed success had Rozay came through on his tweeting promises. 

Contexts promoters now want Ross to give back the $55k with interest which is basically damages for having to issue refunds for the cancelled show.

We don’t know who to blame, Ross for being trifling with only one Twitter post or Contexts for even considering Rick Ross as a social media ambassador, he’s barely even on it between the times of him going in and out of jail! But that ain’t none of our business, less chat below! 


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