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Rihanna & Childish Gambino’s ‘Guava Island’ Film Premieres This Weekend During Coachella!

#Roommates, we know y’all want some new music from #Rihanna but it just might have to wait because sis is out here securing all types of bags! One of her latest ventures, a film collab with #ChildishGambino is definitely one of great mystery.
Last year, both RiRi and Childish Gambino were spotted together filming a project in Havana, Cuba, and it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer. Spotify recently put up some very vague advertisements for ‘Guava Island.’
In an audio clip from the ad, you can hear Childish Gambino singing before putting out a message to his fans: “I’ll see you at the show, everyone.”
The spooky yet intriguing ad definitely has fans marking their calendars for April 13th, as fans will be able to get a first look at ‘Guava Island’ during Youtube’s live stream of Coachella.
According to Complex, there are also some rumors that the film could be part of a larger visual album project by Gambino. A teaser for the film reportedly included the message “a Childish Gambino film,” a possible indication of a more to come for Gambino.
Gambino is also slated to perform just before the film is set to air.
Gambino’s unique perspective has been revealed to many viewers in his role in FX’s Atlanta. Before the show premiered in 2016, he played it close to the cast with little to no details about the plot. Similar to what he and RiRi are doing with ‘Guava Island,’ Gambino is leaving much to the imagination.
RiRi has also swept her role in the film under the rug. In the midst of her many business ventures, particularly in her Fenty Beauty releases, she has managed to keep her lips absolutely sealed about what’s in store.
If you aren’t going to be attending Coachella this weekend #Roommates, be sure to look out for ‘Guava Island’ on Youtube’s live stream!


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