As we have reportedly reported, #BlacChyna and a random fan got into an altercation at Six Flags. Multiple videos went viral showing Chyna using baby Dream’s stroller in the fight, but sources close to @TMZ_Tv claim that the incident could cost Chy-Chy some ching-ching!

#RobKardashian reportedly fears for the safety of his baby girl over the past few months and Sunday’s rumble was the last straw! He and his legal team are allegedly getting ready to file legal documents laying out some ground rules for how Chyna is to behave around Dream including one where neither he nor Chyna can introduce new boyfriends or girlfriends to Dream until after six months of dating.

Not only that, but according to reports, Rob feels that he’s paying Chyna too much child support! Apparently he’s paying her 20 racks a month, but wants it reduced since they share 50/50 custody of Dream.

Ever since Rob was banned from Instagram his pockets and been that deep so maybe that’ll help!

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG