Romeo Miller Heads to Court With His Mother's "Greedy" Lawyers

Romeo Miller Heads to Court With His Mother’s “Greedy” Lawyers

It’s looking like things are starting to get messier around the Miller household. Earlier today Romeo Miller posted about sitting in court with his mothers lawyers all morning opposed to healing from his recent basketball injury.


As we all know Master P is currently going through a divorce with his estranged wife Sonya. However, the divorce has affected her relationship with son Romeo when she sued him late last year.


She feels that Master P is using their son to hide his assets to make it seem as if he has less than what he actually does. With Romeo being named the owner and founder of their current label, “No Limit Forever,” Sonya is not entitled to any of the money from the label.


Sonya also noted that she believes Romeo was placed on the payroll for the family’s reality show, “Master P’s Family Empire” to prevent her from getting any of the $750,000 earned from the first season. 


In all of this mess, Sonya has made it clear that it’s not about her coming for her son, but more so of Master P using him as a pawn when it comes to the finances dealing with their divorce.

Today I should've been in bed resting/rehabbing my hip but instead I was in court all morning due to my mother's greedy lawyers (fyi although I'm being sued by my mom I still love her more than anything on this planet). ???????????? I'm not here to get in details, because we all are going through something that is gonna make us a lot stronger one day, but I just want to remind you that #greed has taken the whole universe, and nobody is worried about their soul. Money will tempt you. Money will turn you into a slave. Money will corrupt the people around you. But most importantly, money will come and go! One of my favorite quotes ever is by Mahatma Gandhi and it says, "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed." Well said Ghandhi, well said. ???? #PrayedUp

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Even through it all, Romeo has been vocal about the love for his mom never changing, despite this trying time they are experiencing. He said in a Instagram post, “Although I’m being sued by my mom I still love her more than anything on this planet.”




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