Roommate Talk: "Dear TSR, Floyd Mayweather & His Crew Acted A Stone Fool At My Job The Other Day!"

Roommate Talk: “Dear TSR, Floyd Mayweather & His Crew Acted A Stone Fool At My Job The Other Day!”

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Dear TSR, 
So the other night Floyd and his money team came into my job at the movie theater at LA Live & made the biggest scene ever. First, one of his team members bought 30 movie tickets from me & it was all good. I told my manager that Floyd Mayweather may or may not show up with them. They bought the tickets at 10:23 when the movie Black Mass  started at 10:25. It was all good until Floyd pulled up to the side of the theatre with 4 other cars with him and kind of blocked the turning lane. Then they all hopped out and started walking towards me. Floyd asked me if someone had bought 30 tickets earlier & I told him yes & then he told me to have them RESTART the movie for him because it’s “for him”. He also said he would pay  $1,000 to whoever could successfully start the movie over.
 I said, “excuse me?” He repeated himself HITTING his chest saying, “Tell’em it’s for me !” I was like, “uhhh..I can ask.” Mind you…he showed up just as previews were ending, so the movie hadn’t even started yet. I told my manager what he said & though the $1,000 sounded good, she said that we couldn’t rearrange our whole business for just him. His team members then came to our guest services being  overly aggressive with us trying to persuade us with more and more money just to restart the move and we kept repeating that we couldn’t do that because there were other guests in the movie. They kept being more aggressive and trying to follow my manager and I into rooms that they had no access in. 

We were trying to reach higher management to help assist them, but they kept insisting that they needed to get what they wanted and get it now to “keep the boss happy.” We even had to call our own security to back the tmt members off slightly because of them trying to enter private doors at my job. Finally, after getting higher approval , he was able to rent out a theatre for him and his crew at 12:30, our last show ended at 12:00 ???? him and his team members were beyond rude & way too demanding, our theatre gets a great deal of high profile celebrities and their assistants normally call and set something up ahead of time & let us know so we’re normally ready to assist them. He showed up & expected us to rearrange our business for him. At the end of the day, money talks, but they were so unprofessional about everything. Just thought y’all should know.
– Signed pissed off Employee


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