Roommate Talk: Dear TSR, I Found More Tea On Chris Brown's New Fling

Roommate Talk: Dear TSR, I Found More Tea On Chris Brown’s New Fling

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Dear TSR,

When I saw your post on Chris Brown’s wannabe new girlfriend, I immediately remembered her face! I know she’s modeled for Christina’s clothing company We Are Pop Culture. She might be a social climber because I noticed she unfollowed Karrueche and deleted their pictures together when Chris noticed her. I even found a post of text screenshots of her being excited to be featured on Christina’s page.


I just find it funny that both Chris’ baby momma and this new chick and almost every new chick linked to Chris is associated with Christina but that’s none of my business..

image image

This might be nothing, but a day ago, she liked a tweet that said, “Even tho you famous I’m not gon treat u like a star baby.” Ironic.


She commented on you guys’ post of her and Chris and said that they are just friends, but what else can she say if he hasn’t publicly claimed her or wifed her, and if that’s the case why would she delete their pictures and unfollow Kae? I’m just saying something ain’t right.


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These Hoes Ain’t Loyal


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