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Roommate Talk: Dear TSR, I Think Amber Rose Stole My Book !!

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Dear TSR,

I am writing you because I believe that Amber Rose may have stolen the integrity of my book in which I self-published through Amazon and released in June of 2012. 

I am a former model with 28 magazine prints and 4 covers. In 2012, I retired from modeling and hosting and I opened up Ohio’s largest Minority Owned childcare center. I focused my time and attention on being a successful entrepreneur. I released the “Bad Bytch Rule Book” in hopes that my story would inspire other women. It is a real life positive guide for all types of women. It talks a lot about self-respect, having your mind, body and finances together.

I used the word B.A.D. B.Y.T.C.H. as an acronym meaning Beautiful And Determined in Bringing Your Thinking Constantly Higher. 

Amber Rose was one of the women that inspired me as a Model and Entrepreneur. When I was writing the book, I tweeted her and emailed her about the book I was writing. I was hoping to possibly quote her for the book and have her help with promotion. She was scheduled to come to Columbus, Ohio and I was supposed to meet with her 8/13/2011. She said that her plane was delayed and she had to reschedule. Attached is the tweet for proof. 

I continued with my plans and released my book. I quoted Amber in the book three times and thanked her in the credits. I sent her a copy after it dropped in June 2012. I thought that maybe she was simply to busy to help me promote it. 

My friends and family read up on her book and brought to my attention that her “How to Be a Bad Bitch” looks like an exact copy of my book idea. I looked it up myself and things do look very similar to what I dropped in June 2012. We also both released through Amazon. It looks like she copied my business and marketing plan. 

All of this information is verifiable through facts. I released the book to help women be self-respecting, healthy and successful. I am the originator of the message she is trying to put across. Below is the back of my books synopsis:

We live in a world where what looks like crazy is ordinary. Nothing is ever really suprising anymore. Its hard to trust anybody. This world feels cold at times. There is more fake bytchez in this world than there are real ones. Everyone feels suspect. My circle is getting so small, its almost a dot at this point. So what do you do? Do you curl up in a little ball and go home? Or do fight for your respect and fight for your dreams?!? Do you have goals or are you just fighting for everyday survival? They say the game is to be sold and not to be told. This book is exactly what the Game been needing for awhile. Read this with an open mind and good heart and it will help you immensely on your path to success. The Bad Bytch Rule Book is the GAME, broken down and ORGANIZED in to RULES. Life rules. THERE IS A BAD BYTCH RULE FOR EVERY SINGLE SITUATION YOU COULD FIND YOURSELF IN. Most situations will have two or even three or more rules that apply to it. These rules will help you. They are the skills necessary, the secrets needed, valuable information disclosed , all the tricks to the trade so you can be a strong, successful female in todays society. B.A.D B.Y.T.C.H. I simply mean Beautiful And Determined in Bring Your Thinking Constantly Higher. Being a “Bad Bytch” is not simply about looks. It is entirely based on your MENTALITY. Some women are already on the right track. I SALUTE those women. This book will help them become even more focused and proceed further ahead in llife. To the women that are still in the beginning stages of learning, this book will provide a step by step process on setting and achieving goals. The Bad Bytch Rules will warn you on what to look out for on your path to success and how to handle yourself in EVERY situation. There will be some women whom don’t believe in the power of The Bad Bytch Rules. Those women can just stay in the dark, just as long as they stay the fuck outta a Bad Bytchez way. Now crack this book open and PROCEED AHEAD IF YOU DARE……..

Please google the facts for your self. There are also book reviews on my book that can prove my story. It’s a shame that she would do something like this !


The Real B.A.D B.Y.T.C.H.


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