ROOMMATE TALK: "Dear TSR, Keyshia Cole Came Into My Restaurant And Acted A Stone Fool!" - (Keyshia's Response Inside)

ROOMMATE TALK: “Dear TSR, Keyshia Cole Came Into My Restaurant And Acted A Stone Fool!” – (Keyshia’s Response Inside)

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We received an email from a disgruntled waitress that claims our girl Keyshia Cole doesn’t know how to act. Now y’all know we love us some Keyshia Cole!




Dear TSR,

Today at work Keyshia Cole came into my job with her rude and disrespectful self. Not only did she not tip me even 10 percent of the bill, but she also has one of the most horrible attitudes I’ve ever came across. Thank God I stopped them before they left the building. Last but definitely not least, her and all her family tried to walk out on the bill! She was being rude because the bar was backed up due to happy hour, meaning that her drinks took a little bit longer than expected. She was by far my WORST guest I have ever served. She looked unhappy. I’m praying for her! Keyshia girl, hopefully you never treat another server like this again! Especially since we live off of tips!


-Disgruntled Waitress

The question is how long did the drinks take exactly? If it only took an extra 10 minutes then I feel you. If it took an extra forty-five minutes then Keyshia was a lot nicer than I would have been!


Keyshia responded to the waitress! Check out her tweet below!



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