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Roommate Talk: Dear TSR, Serge Ibaka And Keri Hilson Are No Longer And Have The Tea On Why!!!

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Dear TSR, 

So Serge Ibaka and Keri Hilson aren’t together anymore and I know this because I’m a friend to both of them and it’s pretty hard to watch! Basically, she wants to get married and start a family but Serge doesn’t want to be fully tied down to her like that. He is always complaining about her neediness and clinginess and to be real she really just tries too hard to please him but he and his family  are just not into her!!! She even speaks their language and cooks their food but he is a traditional man and his family wants him to marry an all born and raised partially African girl. They also think that she is just way too old for him. Poor thing has been trying to get pregnant for the longest and it just ain’t working for her.

Everyone in her camp has told her to let go but she has hopes and is still hanging on. He is famous and rich and she isn’t getting any better offers or any men better than Serge I can tell you that much. She definitely loves the celebrity life and the status of dating a celebrity but now she is just looking pitiful and sad! Plus, Serge is most definitely a man whore, he is currently in LA and keeps a flock of women around. Dating her from day one was a thing him and all team mates were doing trying to date celebrities remember James harden and Trina? Kevin Durant and Latoya? It was like a bet type thing who’s gonna have the most famous industry chick and it’s such a shame that she got caught up in it and now won’t let go. Funny thing is Serge even went on a date with Khloe Kardashia before James harden snatched her up. 

I work in the industry and things like this unfortunately happen all the time, it’s ashame. Love clearly don’t live here!


Anonymous Confidant 


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