Roommate Talk: I Am Having Fetty Wap's Baby!!

Roommate Talk: I Am Having Fetty Wap’s Baby!!

Roommate Talk posts are 100 percent user submitted. We cannot confirm with 100 percent certainty the validity of this story: 



A woman by the name of Celina came to us to say she’s having Fetty’s love child after she posted a positive pregnancy test via IG and tagged Fetty in it! #PettyWap … Literally!! 


She says she met Fetty after sliding into his bestie, Monty’s, DM and it looks like the thirst was real:  



But here’s what she had to say: 

dm’d him on Instagram and weirdly enough he replied and texted me, three days later, on September 13th, I was in his hotel and he gave me tickets to his show and I was with him at the strip club while they were shooting a music video. Anyway, I brought my girl with me because I was nervous and Fetty was tired and told my friend ‘Imma go to bed, and your friend is coming with me ok?’ And of course I went! 

Monty took her to his room, but after awhile of me giving him a back massage he and I had sex and he said he forgot condoms and I said I’m clean don’t trip and he said okay.. After we were done we talked and than had sex again and than I went to go look for my friend and I couldn’t find her and the security was sleeping so I just went back to fettys room and had sex again..

After he left the state we talked here and there and than I told him I was pregnant and he said he’s gonna get a DNA test when it’s born and not to post shit until I’m sure BUT I did and he didn’t like that at all ! He flipped out and blocked my number but than he got in an accident
 and I reached out on a different phone and he accepted my apology.

Well two days ago I posted my pregnancy test again and he immediately called me and told me to take it down because his fans are going to threaten me and he wants me safe.. 

He kept saying, “You need to stop posting that because my fans will go off on you and you don’t want that Celina”  and I was like ‘well you haven’t been talking to me lately so you’re probably w another bitch I’ll just raise this baby myself and leave your name outta my mouth.’ His response is “I’m busy you know this quit trippin ” and hung up ???? but bet if I take him to court soon he will have a lot more to say then!! I have all his info and I talk to his dad on Facebook, I am tired of it and he needs to stop trying to play me!

Safe from his fans or he doesn’t want any of his other baby mamas and Trap Queens to catch wind of this? 

Check out the screenshots below:




Not sure how true this may be but we have a feeling that it’s about to get very messy! Let’s chat below!


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