#RoommateTalk: Dear Shade Room, I Think Lauren London & Nipsey Hussle's Relationship Is On The Verge FrFr!

#RoommateTalk: Dear Shade Room, I Think Lauren London & Nipsey Hussle’s Relationship Is On The Verge FrFr!

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Just last month, actress Lauren London and her rapper boo Nipsey Hussle welcomed a baby boy into the world. In the weeks leading up to little man’s birth, there were rumors swirling that the couple had actually called it quits.

That is when Nipsey somewhat dispelled these rumors in an Instagram post in which he posted a picture of Lauren with the caption: “Ima quote [Jay-Z] and [Snoop Dogg] and then get [back] to loving my life…my fam…my job…and MY WOMAN.”


Was he saying that they were good and that spectators needed to chill?

Well, we have a Roommate who claims that the two may really have called it quits now. Get into it below…

Dear Shade Room,

So, I’ve been hearing that there is a “spiritual counselor” in Hollywood who helps people bring positive energy into their lives with the use of these crystals. They say they don’t work though and that they only bring you bad luck. My friend told me she saw Lauren London visit this lady once a few months ago, so I decided to keep tabs on her page just in case anything dramatic happened.

Come to think of it, I think those crystals may have disrupted the feng shui of Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle’s relationship, because I was doing some digging and I found all of sorts of cryptic messages on her Instagram page recently. Last week, she posted a picture of a list of qualities she wants in a man and then used the hashtag #ItCouldAllBeSoSimple in the caption. Now, you KNOW that’s from Lauryn Hill’s song “Ex Factor,” so is she telling us that she’s single?!


I think so, because days before that, she posted a quote that says, “Too many of us are oceans with lovers that never learnt to swim.” Could it be that since he’s a rapper and has girls throwing p*ssy at him all the time that Lauryn has had enough?

image image

Whatever the case may be, I really hope that if their relationship is on the rocks then they can reconcile for their baby!”

Signed: Is-Lauren-Done-Done

Now, that is some tea, Roommates. Y’all better stay away from these “spiritual healers”!! It’s too close to Halloween and anything could happen.


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