#RoommateTalk: Evelyn Lozada & Carl Crawford Are NOT Together Anymore & Won't Be Getting Married!

#RoommateTalk: Evelyn Lozada & Carl Crawford Are NOT Together Anymore & Won’t Be Getting Married!

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Dear Shade Room, I want everyone to know that #EvelynLozada and her “fiancé” #CarlCrawford are not together anymore and have been separated for a while. As y’all know, he proposed on Christmas Day back in 2013 and they were supposed to get married the following year on. So what happened?

This past year, Carl went to dinner in with his cousins during Father’s Day weekend to celebrate a birthday then flew more of his relatives on a private jet to Vegas.


He also spent time with his family in Houston for July 4th weekend as well as his birthday this past Saturday. Evelyn was nowhere in sight!


She has also gone on vacations recently with her family without Carl.


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The last time they were seen together was at their son Leo’s birthday party in March and mysteriously there’s just this one photo from the party:

All I’m saying is don’t believe the façade!


Some bonus tea for y’all is that Evelyn has secretly been keeping in contact with Chad Johnson’s baby mama Trice for months. I wouldn’t be surprised she’s got something up her sleave. Maybe she’s securing a storyline for next season of Basketball Wives!

After all, that’s what she’s did during this season! She only donated that $3,500 to Takari Lee to make Jackie Christie feel some type of way on the show. But that’s none of my business…



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