Russell Wilson Rents Out Waffle House For Ciara (Video)

Russell Wilson Rents Out Waffle House To Surprise Ciara For Her 38th Birthday (Video)

While social media users tussle over Waffle House being an appropriate first date, Russell Wilson put on a show for Ciara at the chain restaurant!

Wilson rented out a whole spot to celebrate CiCi’s 38th birthday! She shared her POV of the surprise moment via Instagram.

“Oh my gosh! Babe, this is like next level. This is like top, top,” the singer said as she exited her car. She added, “My honey knows that I love Waffle House. He rented out the whole Waffle House, and I am the happiest girl in the world. This is crazy.”

In another clip of the married couple, Ciara blushed while talking about Russell’s celebration idea.

“Okay babe, this is like, for sure, one of the most epic things you’ve ever done,” Ci said in the selfie moment. “I love you.”

Russell made sure to point out that their baby gon’ enjoy the moment, too. He said, “I know that pregnant belly of yours wants some waffles and some eggs.” And Ciara agreed!

As previously reported, Ciara and Russell revealed their third pregnancy in August. They also parent Ciara’s firstborn, Future.

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In the final moments of the clip shared by Ciara, the Waffle House staff is seen singing her happy birthday over a lit stack of donuts. See the cute moment below.

Wilson is always one to go big behind his wife of seven years, and he obviously pays attention when she shares what she likes! In her ‘Stepping Into The Shade Room’ interview, released a month ago, Ciara told us they don’t mind dropping a bag on enjoying restaurants. She also talked about loving Waffle House’s chicken melt.

“We love good food, and we love our people and the energy of celebrating, so we do kind of do that [buying out the restaurant] a lot,” she said.

She also said she’d eat a Waffle House chicken melt with onions for the rest of her life.

As for that viral list of no-good first dates, number 27 was Waffle House! In the last few days since a screenshot of the Facebook post surfaced, the topic has exploded across social platforms. Apparently, a group of women created it to show “places women absolutely refuse to go on a first date to.”

Peep the full list below.

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