Safaree Checks Howard Stern Over Comments About Rihanna

Oop! Safaree Samuels Bashes Howard Stern Over Comments About Rihanna’s Super Bowl Performance

Howard Stern recently got a lil’ bold while speaking about Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime performance, and Safaree Samuels unapologetically checked the radio personality via social media.

Howard Stern Accuses Rihanna Of Lip Syncing: ‘I Don’t Even Know Why She Bothered Showing Up’

The root of the issue lies in some comments Howard made in the wake of Rihanna’s performance. During Monday’s episode of The Howard Stern Show, the 69-year-old reportedly straight-up declared that he’s not sure why Rihanna “bothered showing up” for the performance in the first place.

“You know, I don’t even know why she bothered showing up.”

He further explained that, while he “love[s] Rihanna’s voice,” he believes that about “85 percent of that performance was lip synced.”

“I gotta tell you. I love Rihanna’s voice. I think it’s a wonderful voice. And I love how she interprets a song and every song they played there behind her was terrific…But I would say now, again, I could be wrong, but—in my opinion—85 percent of that performance was lip synced.”

We should also point out that Howard offered a rather unsavory “theory” as to why Rihanna was constantly dropping the mic “down by her knees” during the performance.

“I had a theory, Rihanna was not lip-syncing, but she put the microphone near her vagina so the new baby could sing. The baby was singing backup.”

Safaree Samuels Claps Back: ‘No Rihanna Slander Will Be Tolerated’

On Wednesday, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Safaree Samuels got his Twitter fingaz ready and hit Howard with quite the response.

Safaree specifically declared, “No Rihanna slander will be tolerated by these white outlets.”

After dropping a quick F-bomb, he told Howard that his opinion is irrelevant, as “this isn’t 1995.” The reality star also told Howard Stern to “get a nose job” before slamming his “wannabe afro” hairdo. He proceeded to wrap up his message by telling Howard, “Go suck yuh mummma.”

In other words, Safaree came through and defended his fellow Caribbean artist in the face of Howard Stern’s criticism!

“No Rihanna slander will be tolerated by these white outlets… F**K YALL. Howard stern this isn’t 1995 no 1 gives a f**k about ya opinion. Go get a nose job wit ya fake a** wanna be afro then go suck yuh mummma.”

Howard doesn’t appear to have publicly acknowledged this tweet, though the Twitter masses appear to mostly be on Safaree’s side. Check out some other people’s responses down below.

What do you think about Safaree Samuels’ response to Howard Stern? Additionally, what do you think about the radio host’s initial comments about Rihanna’s recent Super Bowl halftime performance?


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