Last year we told y’all about  Sage The Gemini’s Ex fiancé, Curium Hurley spilling tea on her former lover.

She exposed Sage aka Dominic Wynn Woods, for being a liar and a cheat, accusing him of cheating on her with Jordin Sparks and trying to get back with her while he was still with Jordin. She even went as far as to DM Jordin showing her and Dominic’s text messages! You can catch up here.

Fast forward to present day with the recent break up of Sage and Jordin. Sage sent out what seemed like a heartfelt plea on IG begging to get his girl Jordin back after the breakup. He even went as far as to release a song “I’ll Keep Loving You,” bearing his heart on the track. Listen to that here.

Turns out he had no idea that sh–t was about to hit the fan and he would be exposed once again! His ex girl Curium dropped an audio video of a phone call she secretly recorded earlier this month. Feb 7th, 2016 to be exact! Sage admits to cheating on Curium with his dancer but only cause he thought Curium was cheating on him. One big mess!

That’s not even the TEA! When they got to the topic of Jordin, Sage didn’t seem to be down for her like we thought. He called out the relationship for being just a facade saying ” those are pictures, everything was f–king horrible. That  sh–t was f–king dumb. She got on my nerves I wanted to stab her!” Yikes!!!

He continues “don’t get me wrong she’s level headed. She ain’t no regular person, I can’t call her and be like ‘aye I’m going  to come pick you up I had a bad dream I want you to stay next to me,’I can’t do that.”

According to Sage, him and Jordin’s perfect fairytale relationship was one big PR stunt to help get attention for their albums. Chileee!

Crazy thing is on the phone call Sage reveals a nightmare he had of him and Curium reconciling and her exposing him again to get back at him! Well, I’m sure he’s mad he didn’t trust that gut feeling!

He also goes on to say Jordin gave gave him $70,000 towards his new house but the chemistry between the two was stale. He said she doesn’t laugh at his jokes and compares Jordin to curium saying “We argue all the time.” While mentioning him and Curium got along a lot better.

Curium took to her IG and said why she released the audio video. Looks like she took a page from the book of when a woman’s fed up!

Check out the full audio video below:

This messy is definitely for the books!

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