Sauce Walka And Tory Lanez Speak Out About The Diamond Implanted

Sauce Walka And Tory Lanez Speak Out About The Diamond Implanted On Lil Uzi Vert’s Face (Video)

Yesterday Lil Uzi Vert finally gave everyone a look at the pink diamond that he got implanted into the middle of his forehead. Everyone on the innanet had something to say, and Houston rapper Sauce Walka called Uzi out for following his style. Today, Sauce shared a video on Instagram inside of a jewelry store. In the video, he said, “Where are you gonna put the diamond at? What are you gonna do? Put it in your check bone, what you gonna do, put it in your chin? What are you gonna do, put a big a** diamond in your forehead? Who he think he is an avatar?”

In the caption of the video, he wrote, “2017 lies later. Now What I tell y’all #WHATYOUGONEDO YEAR AFTER YEAR FOLLOW THE LEADER #DripGOD W for Texas.” If you recall, we reported last December that Sauce got an 18k rose gold 3.00 carat worth $250,000 implanted on his face.


This isn’t the first time that Sauce called Uzi out. When Uzi first announced that he was almost finished paying for the reportedly $24 million pink diamond in January, Sauce called him out again on Instagram. He wrote, “Keep following The leader, lol. YALL LOOK AT @eliantte @liluzivert GETTIN TO COPY A N***A DRIP…d**k munching my style for 4-5 years lol y’all still can’t see this s**t!! #DRIPGOD IS MY NAME #TooMuchSauce lol S/o @liluzivert I KNOW IM THE INFLUENCE & YOU’RE THE INSPIRATION.”

Tory Lanez even made a joke about the situation on Instagram. He posted a video with a diamond cross taped to the middle of his forehead and jokingly said, “I came straight out the doctor, I paid $87 Billion, implanted  by the best doctors, same ni**a who did my hair.” He even Tagged Sauce Walka and Lil Uzi Vert, but so far, they haven’t responded.


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