Saweetie Creates A Raw Oyster & Ramen Noodle Chicken Seasoning Concoction (Video)

Saweetie Creates A Raw Oyster & Ramen Noodle Chicken Seasoning Concoction (Video)

Chile, if it’s one thang we know, it’s that Saweetie is a foodie! On Wednesday, Saweetie uploaded a video, eating a raw oyster with a little ramen noodle chicken seasoning.

In the video, she stated, “I don’t know why I just be walking around my house and then, boom! I got an idea and I be like, ‘I need to put this on an oyster or I need to make this concoction.’ So, this is the concoction I’m gonna make today.”

She added, I like have dreams about recipes and when I make them they taste good. I’m just really a foodie, y’all. Don’t mind me.”

While taking a bite of the oyster, she started to dance and clearly it was good! Chile, y’all know we all do that dance, when the food be hittin’, OH-KAY!

Somebody should just give this woman a food sponsorship ‘cause she stays creating recipes.


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As previously reported, in an interview with Page Six, Saweetie stated she knew that Quavo loved her when he gave her the last piece of chicken.

Saweetie said, “The moment I realized that Quavo really loved me is when he saved me some of his food.”

We all know that food ain’t something to play ‘bout, especially when it comes down to the last bite–and it seems that Quavo giving his food away may just be his love language.

“He gave me his last piece of chicken,” Saweetie said.

She may love her icy thangs but it’s the simplicity that matters, “Those are the things that really matter: the things that have no price on them. The Bentley is cool but I’m really into intimacy and how you treat me with my emotional feels.”

I know y’all remember the Birkin bag controversy that had Twitter in shambles for days!

In an IG live video, Saweetie said, “If he not giving you a Birkin, if he not paying for your bills, then throw that n*gga back to the streets okay.”

Chicken bringing folks together one wing at a time.

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