Welp, someone is getting fired. An #IKEA store in #HongKong is making international headlines this week after a pornographic video was accidentally played on a big screen for several minutes while apparently families with young children looked on in horror.

The video shocked customers because apparently it started playing out of nowhere, according to multiple reports and #MirrorUK.

One shopper said the video played for at least three minutes before he went to find some staff to alert them about the situation. Once a female IKEA worker became aware of the problem, reports said she tried to cover up the giant screen using only a piece of drawing paper.

Sis tried it because that paper was apparently way too small to cover up the screen and people were still visibly upset. Eventually someone stepped into unplug the TV, but the 25 other screens inside the store remained working as usual.

The customer who intervened said that it was a public holiday, so to make matters worse, there were lots of people in the area where the video was playing and it “scared a lot of the children walking by.”

It is currently unclear how the video came to be played, but it’s believed that a prankster may have hacked into the store’s system as some sort of joke.

A spokesperson for IKEA said the company feels “sorry about the incident” and revealed that their officials are currently conducting a further investigation to find out what really happened.

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