An Israeli man is under fire and on the run, after he defrauded several Scandinavian women. Shimon Hayut also known as Simon Leviev (his fake alias), is on the run from police after he posed as a multi-millionaire and met several women on Tinder.

Shimon Hayut, posed as the son of multimillionaire Israeli Lev Leviev. According to @timesofisrael he defrauded women in Norway, Finland, and Sweden. He fooled these women by inviting them to luxury hotels, fancy dinners, and private jets. He was able to smooth talk these women by convincing them to support his financial favors, and promised he would pay them back.

Catch this tea #Roomies, he presented himself so well to his peers that he had fake bodyguards and business partners that appeared as if he was really wealthy. He has been wanted since 2011 for committing theft and fraud. He allegedly stole a check from a family, when he was babysitting their child. He also pretended to be a handyman, and stole from the people he was working for. He then used the money from those incidents to buy pilot’s lessons and a car. When taking the pilot’s lessons, he stole from a student by lying about a business deal he had and asked for the student to help invest in it.

Although he served three years in prison for committing fraud, he continued to do the same thing when he was released.

According to @timesofisrael he is currently on the run, after some of his close friends “were busted in a massive smuggling ring and an employee mysteriously plummeted to her death from his high-rise Tel Aviv office building.”

This did not seem to sit well with Lev Leviev because he has since filed a complaint against Hayut for falsely claiming to be his son.

Source: Time of Israel