#Roommates, hold your mouths on this one because this story will probably upset a few tummy’s out here! A local school out in Nebraska was out here servin’ the kids kangaroo meat! According to ABC NY, the superintendent apologized to parents after the chef took it upon himself to add some lil kangaroo meat to the chili he was whipping up for the kids for lunch.

The chef wasn’t trying to poison the kids, he simply added because he said it was “a very lean meat.”

“We will no way be serving food of this nature again. Period,” Potter-Dix Public Schools Superintendent Mike Williams said in a letter to parents. He said that the chef didn’t do anything wrong since it’s not unhealthy or harmful, but made it clear that it’s “without a doubt not a normal staple of lit diet.”

Even though kangaroo meat meets USDA standards, parents still don’t want their kids eating it PERIOD!