#Roommates, #JustinBieber’s longtime manager #ScooterBraun has opened up and is speaking about the Biebs in a way he never has in recent years. Now Justin seems like he’s in a good place now but let’s keep it real #Roommates, there was a point the Biebs was just out here actin’ up!

But in a sit down interview with @RedpillPodcast, Scooter remembered some scary times for him and Justin. Calling that period of time in Justin’s life a “dark place.” He goes on to say: “There was a time when I would go to sleep almost every night — when he had the money to fly away from me — and I was worried every night that I was going to lose him.”

At this point, apparently Scooter put in place a very strict no touring, or show policy. He goes on to say: “That was the time when I was telling him he’s not allowed to work. He used to yell and scream at me and he wanted to put music out. He wanted to tour, but I thought if he did that, he would die. So I just refused. We weren’t making any money, it wasn’t like I was trying to take advantage — I didn’t want him to work, I wanted him to get healthy.”

Now if you’re a little confused with the timeline, let’s take this back a few steps #Roommates. If you remember, Justin has always had a very rigorous tour schedule. And even cancelled his last tour #Purpose due to health reasons in the summer of 2017. Scooter spoke on the cancellation and said: “I thought he was going to die,” Braun insisted. “I thought he was going to sleep one night and that he would have so much crap in his system that he would not wake up the next morning. I was trying to monitor him from a distance, I would fly after him at times, all kinds of different stuff.”

Scooter didn’t detail what alleged drugs were involved but clearly it was enough to spark concern from Justin’s immediate circle. The good news is, Justin is in a much better place now. Scooter even touched on his recovery saying: “I think that he made a conscious choice for himself to change. For a year and a half, I failed miserably trying to help him because for a year and a half he didn’t change, and I made every effort you can imagine.” He contuned: “It wasn’t until one day he woke up and said, ‘Hey, I need to talk to you. I don’t want to be this person anymore.’ And he made the decision to change, and actually put that into action, and the result is who he’s become today, and that is the result of his own decision, no one else’s.

It’s great to see that Justin is in a much better place. He seems to be happy in love with his fiancée #HaileyBaldwin and is gearing up for a wedding sometime in 2019.

Source: https://pagesix.com/2018/09/13/scooter-braun-feared-justin-bieber-would-die-of-a-drug-overdose/