Sevyn Streeter Invites The Shade Room To A Private Listening Sesh!

Sevyn Streeter Invites The Shade Room To A Private Listening Sesh!

TSR had the opportunity to attend Sevyn Streeter’s listening party, well, low-key, performance, for her upcoming album On the Verge. The singer performed 4 or 5 songs, including her single Don’t Kill The Fun and a few songs from her Call Me Crazy, But… EP. TSR’s music plug, B. Young attended the listening event and to hear him tell it, he was simply blown away!

For those who don’t know Sevyn Streeter started off as a member of the R&B group RichGirl, singing bangers like He Ain’t Wit Me Now (Tho) and Swagger Right. She wasn’t allowed to write while she was a member of Rich Girl and that served as a defining moment in her career. She then took her writing talents elsewhere and began writing for Chris Brown (Yeah 3X, Fine China, Strip) and singing background on most of his albums. She’s got a very cute list of artists that have garnered hits from her such as Ariana Grande (The Way), Alicia Keys (New Day) and Tamar Braxton (All the Way Home, Pieces). We could literally go on and on, but you guys get it. If you want a hit, call Sevyn!

Call her crazy, but all of the songs that Sevyn wrote on her aforementioned EP as well as songs from her impending album On The Verge are about one anonymous ex who also happens to be in the industry. She said that her journey with writing the songs really helped her to heal as a woman and to regenerate as an artist. Sevyn truly does a stellar job of writing from the heart by pulling emotions from her past and translating those emotions onto paper with melodies and harmonies. It would be safe to assume that she is writing for anyone out there who needs help mending a broken heart. B. Young used her song B.A.N.S. in order to illustrate how easy it is for anybody to relate to any of Sevyn’s songs, telling her that “While women can go through their B.A.N.S. phase, men can also go through a point where their fed up with lackluster females.” Roommates, y’all can create your own acronym for that one!

B. Young also asks about the features with some of R&B’s hottest male performers out there right now that will be included on the album, citing that one of the songs will be a sure hit with it’s strong vocals and that southern bass that Sevyn recognizes as home. 

One song in particular that really created a feeling of reflection after hearing it is called 4th Street and Sevyn put her heart and soul into it as she is singing about the neighborhood that had essentially raised her. She’s lost a lot of close family and friends back home in the past year alone and really wanted to sing a lullaby to her hometown. B. Young says that you can easily compare it to R. Kelly’s I Wish

He said, “It’s just one of those songs that made me want to appreciate life more”. The TSR staffer goes on to praise Sevyn for her writing skills, gushing about how her “pen game is crazy! The way she made me feel about sex and love on the one hand and then family and life on the other was everything”. 

While we’re all super thirsty for a release date for On The Verge, Sevyn and her team have yet to spill the tea! Until then, enjoy her new song 4th Street. The video is out now! Watch it here and check out Don’t Kill the Fun here! Thank you Sevyn!


TSR Staff: Talia O. @closetratchet on Instagram & @tallyohhh on Twitter, B. Young @byoungg on Instagram and @B_Youngg on Twitter!


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