#SevynTakeover : Consistent

#SevynTakeover : Consistent

Our #Roommate @Sevyn moved in this week ! #Roommates go check out “Shoulda Been There” feat B.o.B. from her new music project #ShouldaBeenThere pt. 1 . Let her know what you think and read along as she dishes the tea on what inspired her to write it! 



I’ve been in a place before where I loved someone so much, that I took him in whatever form he chose to give himself to me. I suppressed some of my real wants and desires to make excuses of his type of “love” for me. I did it for a number of reasons… I thought my love could change him over time, I was sympathetic to the things he’d experienced in his life and used that to rationalize his behavior. He always did just enough to try to pacify me and be able to say “look I did this for you, you know I care”. It got to the point where I would question if I had unrealistic expectations or if I would have to sacrifice ideals in my head to keep him in the flesh. I couldn’t see,until I was out of it, that I was accepting his consistently average behavior. Why? Because I didn’t want to be without him. In my head, I had come to accept certain things as the “new normal” and the sacrifices of being with him. Finally, I realized that he wouldn’t change his behavior, so I had to make a decision – even with his good qualities, was it worth having someone like that on a consistent basis or should I let go and hope something better would come along? In the back of my mind I wondered what if I was left worse off with someone new or alone?But I let go…and guess what, something better did come along.

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Roommates in the Atlanta area you can enter to win a chance to meet Sevyn at her listening session on Thursday July 16th! Send an email to enter at SomeShadeSomeTea@gmail.com


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