#SevynTakeOver Shoulda Been There

#SevynTakeOver Shoulda Been There

Roommates, Sevyn Streeter is our guest writer this week! She is releasing her new single #ShouldaBeenThere and she is dishing the tea on what inspired her to write it!


Shoulda Been There:
The title track is basically saying what EVERYONE should say to their ex girl/dude that took them for granted & then tried to fix things once you’ve moved on. Why did it take them to see you happy with someone else to realize that they had a good thing? How selfish of them to now be calling!! Where were they when we really needed them to be like that? So what I do…I wrote a song about it. It also features B.o.B….oh the irony (😏) Especially because I wrote it about my ex. You know how dat shii go😜. They take you for granted until somebody takes you off the market…just tell’em I’ve moved on…#ShouldaBeenThere 😛. Roommates, how many of Yall can relate?

Check out the link below!

Roommates in the Atlanta area you can enter to win a chance to meet Sevyn at her listening session on Thursday July 16th! Send an email to enter at SomeShadeSomeTea@gmail.com


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