Sexyy Red: Singing Sparks A Variety Of Social Media Reactions

Mic On? Sexyy Red Goes Viral After Flexin’ Her Vocals At Rolling Loud California (Video)

Sexyy Red’s latest vocal performance at Rolling Loud sparked a slew of social media reactions.

The ‘Pound Town’ singer created a viral moment on stage in Cali as she confidently sang Drake’s ‘Rich Baby Daddy,’ which features herself and SZA, off-key, per HotNewHipHop.

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Roomies React To Sexyy Red’s Singing

The Roomies’ reactions varied on our Instagram report.

@strokdbyadonisllc, commented, “She gonna be around for a while cuz no matter how much yall hate her she being herself. Authentic always win.”

However, @mrs_gladney disagreed, stating, “Y’all applaud and praise anything …. Because NO!”

@mrzdrum added her disdain for the ‘SkeeYee’ rapper, typing, “Y’all can never make me like her.”

@shess.perfect said, “Let me guess. Y’all like this bulls*** too?”

Alternatively, @_luckythebrand appreciated the fact that it seemed as if Sexyy was enjoying her career, writing, “I love that she not too serious. I feel like she expected to be big but not THIS big & she truly just enjoying the ride. I support it idc. Hell, our government is bout as unserious as her, anyways.”

The comment was accompanied by an emoji shrugging its shoulders.

Sexyy left a comment herself saying, “I can sing frfr.”

Celebs even weighed in on Red’s performance.

Los Angeles rapper The Game commented, “If anybody ask me, I hear Mariah.”

Ironically, Mariah Carey’s ex, Nick Cannon, also commented, adding, “Pure genius is what it is,” with a praising hands and fire emoji.

He is seemingly implying that the entertainer sang off-key purposely. Possibly so she could get social media talking and go viral.

If that was the plan, it worked.

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