Sha'Carri Richardson Removed From American Airlines Flight

WATCH: Sha’Carri Richardson Removed From American Airlines Flight Following Argument With ‘Disrespectful’ Attendant

Sha’Carri Richardson took to Instagram this weekend to share the moment she was removed from an American Airlines flight. According to Fox Business, the Richardson was booted from the plane after a verbal confrontation with a flight attendant.

Richardson Shares More About Her Confrontation With The Flight Attendant

According to NBC News, Richardson explained that the flight attendant asked her to end a phone call, which she did. Then stated to the man that she did not like the tone he used with her.

Following that while standing in front of me doing the safety protocols he continued to lean over to look at my phone. He asked to see that my phones were in airplane mode at this point. He demanded that me show him. Which I did in front of him.

Richardson explained via her Instagram Story, as reported by the outlet.

The US track and sprinter star proceeded to record a video of herself.

Not working today. Vacation time.

Richardson said to the camera. Then she turns the phone to show the flight attendant who is seen backing away from her.

I’m recording me but you jumped in my video so I caught you, because you jumped in my video.

The flight attendant told the athlete that she “can’t record.” And she responded.

You’re harassing me at this point so I think you should stop, I think you should stop.

Other passengers on the plane can be heard agreeing with Richardson, while some also demand she stops recording.

No, I’m not going to stop recording because I was making a video to myself…

I definitely would have listened to instructions but the way he was talking to me was very unprofessional and then his hands were all in my face.

A fellow passenger informed Richardson that he was missing his connecting flight due to the ongoing incident, adding that he did not care about the woman being disrespected by the attendant. Another flight attendant then informs Richardson that the captain has asked her to leave the plane.

Does the captain know the situation that happened before removing me? So do they know this man hands is all up in my face and he was very disrespectful and I felt threatened?”

The captain refused to come to the cabin to speak to Richardson. And she asked the airline staff for the attendant’s name, which he refused to share.

No, but you jumped in my video, that’s what started this whole thing and the video shows you jumped in my video and invaded my privacy, you know that right? So it’s a possibility you can lose your job because I have evidence.

Richardson proceeds to leave the aircraft as some passengers can be heard clapping.

Y’all see it on social media, because y’all have no idea who I am.

American Airlines Responds To The Incident Between Richardson And Their Staff

In one video posted on Richardson’s Instagram account, she shared that she was contemplating pursuing legal action against the airline. As well as her personal reflections about the incident, one she believes were racially fueled.

Tell me if I’ll be wrong to pursue legal actions against the airline @americanair not only did the man threaten me but also an innocent bystander who simply just wanted a picture with me. In the beginning of the video you can hear a Caucasian male state that he doesn’t give a f as a man that male flight attendant is intimidating a woman. Also the captain not doing anything to help the situation and this flight attendant has the applause when I exited the plane when I’m pretty serious the disrespect I received would not have happened if I was a one of them. One of them even stated good luck with your ban ( I see he took the time to do some research but not stand up for what’s right) soooo @americanair this flight attendant name was John and he refused to state his last name. However him and the lady y’all see standing next to him looked me up ☺️💅🏾also if I see videos posted from this flight, watch.

Tag @americanair if I can help just one person not have to deal with a situation like this with an individual like this, I’ll take the heat 🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽

American Airlines responded with a brief statement, as reported by NBC News.

We reaccomodated the customer on a later flight and a member of our team has reached out to learn more.

Athlete Odell Beckham Was Also Recently Removed From An American Airlines Flight

Richardson’s removal from the American Airlines flight comes after Odell Beckham was also given the boot on November 27, 2022. The incident is the second time an African American public figure has been removed from an American Airlines flight in less than two months.

Beckham was sure to comment on Richardson’s Instagram videos documenting the moment.




As previously reported by The Shade Room, Beckham was removed from an American Airlines flight after allegedly “failing to comply with safety protocols.”

Beckham’s lawyer shared a statement regarding the incident shortly after, as reported by The Shade Room.

Sleeping on a plane should not be a cause for removal from a flight. If they could wake him up when the flight returned to the gate, then they could have done the same thing and woken him up to ask him to put on his seatbelt.

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