How Shakira & Strawberry Jam Became The Talk Of Social Media

Here’s Why Shakira And Strawberry Jam Are The Talk Of Social Media Right Now

Shakira and strawberry jam are hot topics on social media right now! And it all started from a December ShowNews Today article about the alleged evidence the singer used to pinpoint her ex Gerard Piqué‘s infidelity.

MADRID, SPAIN – NOVEMBER 24: Shakira and Gerard Pique attend Davis Cup Final at Caja Magica on November 24, 2019 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Europa Press Entertainment/Europa Press via Getty Images)


According to ShowNews Today, Shakira allegedly returned home from traveling to find someone had been eating her strawberry jam. The only issue was their sons, Milan and Sasha, and Piqué allegedly ‘hated’ the jam. The strawberry spread mystery was allegedly the first clue Piqué was stepping out on the 11-year relationship–particularly with 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti, who Piqué is now reportedly in a public relationship with.

Shakira and Gerard first met in 2010 before the World Cup in South Africa, and Piqué later appeared in the video to Shakira and the 2010 World Cup’s official song Waka Waka (This Time for Africa). However, the former pair didn’t reveal their romance until March 2011. Fast-forward to June 2022, they announced their separation in a joint statement to TODAY. At the time, the former couple requested privacy “for the well-being of” nine-year-old Milan and seven-year-old Sasha.


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A few months later, in September, Shakira opened up about the difficulties of their “tough” split–including shielding Milan and Sasha from paparazzi and “disagreeable, unpleasant news online.” 

Alleged Clues That Have Shakira Fans Eating Up The Strawberry Jam Rumor

As of Friday, Shakira has been mum on the strawberry jam talk. But the singer’s musical moves have fans doubling down on the rumors. Their first and strongest alleged clue is the music video to Shakira’s collab track with Rauw Alejandro Te Felicito, which translates to “I congratulate you.”

Shakira premiered the video on April 22, 2022–a little over a month before she and Piqué confirmed their separation. The video begins with a digital invitation congratulating Alejandro’s character for being “a grand liar.” As the song continues, Shakira sings about heartbreak and believing a man’s false portrayal of himself as faithful. About a minute and thirty seconds in, Shakira opens a fridge to Rauw’s head, surrounded by canned food, bottled drinks, and jarred condiments.

During a May interview with This Morning, Shakira explained the message behind the song.

“I guess it happens to all of us once in a while, us women. That you think you’re in a real relationship, and it’s not as real as it seems.”

Then, she explained the head-in-the-fridge scene after prompting from the interviewer. Her reason for going to the fridge was “to find out the truth.”

But that’s all the singer shared–no mentions of strawberry jam. Still, it’s one of the clues fans online are rooting the rumors in.

Shakira’s New Song Allegedly Takes Aim At Gerard Piqué Amid Jam Rumors 

In addition to Te Felicito, fans have also taken close notes of Shakira’s lyrics in a new music collab with DJ Bizarrap called BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 53. Released on Jan. 11, the track is a heavily hinted diss at Piqué.

She sings: ‘

“I’m worth two 22-year-olds.” Adding, “You left me with your mother as my neighbor/ Media outlets at my door and in debt with the government.”

The age mentioned seems to be a dig at 23-year-old Clara. Ahead of the song’s release, Page Six claimed Shakira was “devastated” after learning Piqué allegedly had Clara all up in their family home as early as 2021. Fans made the discovery after pin-pointing her in the background of a Zoom interview Piqué did while Shakira and the kids were traveling.

A source told Page Six: 

“[Shakira is] devastated to learn that this woman clearly felt at home in the house they shared with their children.” Adding, “they were very much still together at the time. It’s devastating for her to learn that this affair had been going on for a lot longer than she imagined.”

While the remaining lyrics above address paparazzi crowding their home following the break-up, which she spoke about in September, and her ongoing legal battle in Spain over tax fraud.

As of Friday, the video has garnered 158 million views on YouTube and over 14.4 million streams on Spotify. Shakira penned an Instagram caption celebrating the streams about a week ago.

She wrote:

“What for me was a catharsis and a discharge. I never thought I would get straight to number one in the world at 45 years old and in Spanish. I want to embrace the millions of women who rise up to the ones who make us feel insignificant. Women whostand up for what they feel and think, and raise their hand when they disagree, while others raise eyebrows.They are my inspiration. And this achievement is not mine but everyone else’s. We gotta get up 70 times 7. Not as society tells us, but in the way that happens to us, which serves us to get ahead for our children, our parents and for those who need us and hope in us.”


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Piqué has not publicly responded to the diss track or strawberry jam rumors. Meanwhile, fans are also giving him that WERK online behind Shakira, Shakira!


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