Shantel Jackson and Floyd Mayweather Run Into Each Other After All Of The Drama...And It's Awkward!! (Video)

Shantel Jackson and Floyd Mayweather Run Into Each Other After All Of The Drama…And It’s Awkward!! (Video)

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So y’all know about all of the drama between Floyd Mayweather and his Ex-Fiance Shantel Jackson right? To give you a quick recap: He posted her “abortion” pictures online, then defended her against allegations that a blog made about her (even though people suspected it was him that sold the story), and he posted pre-plastic surgery pictures of her online as well. Not to mention, he did an interview saying that she didn’t care about her mother because she left her in the hood, even though she knew Floyd could help her out of that neighborhood. He had her Instagram Account deactivated for a short period of time, and needless to say….he harassed this woman like no other and belittled her in front of millions of people.

I think it’s safe to say that Floyd still loves Shantel. Floyd’s new girlfriend, Medina, was also present at the party and she should be ashamed. Floyd was trying so hard to talk to Shantel but she shut his ass down and didn’t acknowledge him. That was the right thing to do Shantie boo! Anyway, Medina was standing on the sidelines looking upset that Floyd was making such an effort to get Shantel’s attention. When will Medina understand that she is a rebound chick?

Watch the video below COURTESY of TMZ:



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