Did you guys know that #Shaq was an early investor in #Google? Neither did I until he shared his story on the #EllenDegeneres show! 

Back in 1994, Shaq was at the Four Seasons hotel and playing with children at a table next to him while their father was in a meeting. 

“I’m actually babysitting the guy’s kids while he’s in a meeting,” O’Neal says. “So after the meeting, he says, ‘You know what? You’re good with kids, I like you, I’m going to bring you in on this investment.’ And it was called Google. He said, ‘You know, in the future, you’re going to be able to type on your phone, search engine this, do this, boom, boom, boom, you should invest.’”

“I invested, and then a couple years later, I got a really big return,” Shaq added. 

Shaq has gone on to secure investments in Apple, 24 Hour Fitness, Five Guys and a few nightclubs in Las Vegas. He recently opened up about his simple investing style, and said that he will only invest in things that will change people’s lives.

“I never say, ‘If I invest in this, five years down the line, we could sell it for this,'” he told Pisani. “Every time I’ve had that model, it’s always been a failure.”

In 2016, Shaq’s net worth was estimated at $400 million, so we should probably take some notes! 

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Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/11/shaquille-oneal-tells-ellen-degeneres-how-he-invested-in-google.html

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