Shaquille O'Neal Discusses Fumbling 'Two Perfect Women'

Shaquille O’Neal Discusses Fumbling ‘Two Perfect Women’ & Teaching His Sons To Do Better

Shaquille O’Neal recently took a moment to acknowledge how he fumbled the bag with “two perfect women” and how he’s trying to get his sons to be better partners than he was.

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Shaq Says He Was “Doing Dumb Stuff” During His Past Relationships

The NBA icon spoke on the subject during the first-ever episode of Monica‘s podcast, MoTalk.

During the inaugural sit-down, the “Angel of Mine” singer asked Shaq, “When you think of the perfect woman for you, what does that look like?”

Shaquille O’Neal admitted that he’s already had “two perfect women,” though he ultimately “messed it up.” Regarding the identities of these “two perfect women,” Shaq revealed that they’re none other than Arnetta Yardbourgh and Shaunie Henderson (formerly O’Neal)—his oldest child’s mother and ex-wife, respectively.

“My first one is my baby mother, Arnetta. And then I met Shaunie—Shaunie was also a perfect woman, and I messed that up.”

Regarding how Shaq fumbled, he explained, “We were all young, and I was just doing dumb stuff.” Notably, this sentiment echoes earlier statements he made about his failed marriage.

However, he shared that his exes “forgave him,” and they “have a good relationship now.”

He reiterated, “I had two perfect women, and I messed it up. Just by being dumb.”

After Monica inquired if Shaq’s lifestyle played a role in his poor decisions, he proclaimed that he has “no excuses.”

“I come from a place where a lot of [men] make excuses. I have no excuses.”

Shaquille O’Neal Tells His Sons To Always “Protect, Provide, And Love”

On top of owning his role in the dissolution of his past relationships, Shaq spoke on some of the advice he gives his sons about the matter.

“I tell my sons all the time, ‘A man has three jobs when it comes to a woman. Protect, provide, and love.'”

He added that while “some men can only offer two for whatever reason,” he aims to teach his sons how to “offer all three.” The athlete also noted that he continues to step up and be there for his exes with “whatever they need.”

Then, Shaquille O’Neal proclaimed he was “happy” that Shaunie remarried. Nonetheless, he declared that she’s “still [his] wife,” as he was raised to always “protect, provide, and love.”

“It’s just how I was raised. You protect, you provide, and you love your woman. We have five children together. She’s getting married to another man. I’m not gonna just [drop her].”

Check out Shaq’s commentary down below.


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