Shauna Brooks Responds To Benzino Threatening Her Online (Update)

Shauna Brooks Responds To Benzino Threatening Her Online (Update)

The drama with Benzino and Shauna Brooks is far from over. The transgender actress clapped back at the rapper following his threats to physically harm her. Calling him “Daddy,” Shauna wrote on Twitter, “He said if I had any “sense,” but just last week didn’t the ppl say you and your alleged “male friend” CAVARIO, ain’t have enough CENTS to pay the Red Roof Inn? Yet, talkin’ bout you got a legal team to make sure you’re on point with bail, while you PUBLICLY THREATEN me… OK, DADDY.”

Shauna didn’t stop there. She shared alleged text messages where Benzino allegedly asked her to call him to speak about a movie role. However, things got spicy when a naked photo seemingly of Benzino appeared in the text thread. The Source Magazine creator quickly denied the messages and called Shauna out her name by tweeting, “Now the punk is photoshopping texts. Smh, the sh*** is crazy, but it’s ok. He is going to hell, not me.”

Once again, Benzino threatened the actress, tweeting, “He (Shauna) gotta be getting money for this because why risk your life for nothing? I never texted none of that. In the phone conversation, I clearly said if anyone knew we had a “conversation” what it would be.” Determined to clear his name, he expressed resentment in speaking with the actress in the first place about her role in the film ‘False Advertisement.’

“Should’ve gone with my first instinct, which was to scream on cricket & never communicated with this demented, mentally ill individual, but I tried to be cool and said to myself it was just business,” he wrote. Adding, “Now, after a leaked private conversation, I know it was a setup from the start.”


We will continue to keep you posted as more information becomes available!

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