Shekinah Jo Airs Out Details About Her Former Friendship & Work Relationship With Tiny Harris

Shekinah Jo Airs Out Details About Her Former Friendship & Work Relationship With Tiny Harris

Roommates, Shekinah Jo spent time on social media on Sunday spilling tea! The reality television stand-out filmed multiple live videos regarding her former friendship with Tameka “Tiny” Harris. Additionally, Shekinah spoke on working for Tiny as her hair stylist.

In the first series of live videos, Shekinah talks off-camera. Her audio goes in and out as she apparently chokes up with tears while speaking.

“And then you sit there and when the world take me down, you let me go out with these muthaf***er.” Shekinah said. “You ain’t even say ‘hey man it wasn’t Shekinah, Shekinah ain’t had s**t to do with that.”

Shekinah is seemingly alluding to being targeted by online commentators after she made serious allegations against Sabrina Peterson earlier this year. Shekinah alleged that Sabrina “engaged in sexual activities” and “helped recruit women” for these activities with T.I. and his wife. For those of you who might not remember, Sabrina is the CEO of “The Glam University” who has accused T.I. of putting a gun to her head. Shortly afterwards, Shekinah walked back her accusations and revealed she spoke “out of hurt.


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Shekinah furthered explained on Sunday’s live that she took up for “them folks like that” because she was doing unto them how she would’ve wanted to be treated. After her first live, Tiny Harris responded by leaving a comment under an urban blog’s post calling Shekinah a “dizzy b***h” and more.

Shekinah opted to respond once again and hopped on her Instagram Live. During the first few minutes, she asked viewers to tag Tiny so they could have the conversation. A few minutes went by and then Shekinah began to speak on their friendship and work relationship.

“Ain’t nobody bought me no houses, ain’t nobody bought me no muthaf*****g cars,” Shekinah said. “Ain’t nobody did none of this fairytale a** s**t people believe.”

She continued on to say she was “the lowest paid person on that show,” but that she still thanks God that Tiny gave her “an opportunity to do her hair.” Shekinah also said that her main message is about working hard as she has done. Afterwards, she dove back into speaking on the working relationship.

“When I asked for a raise, I wasn’t bulls****ing it was real. I wanted a muthaf*****g raise cause I work hard,” Shekinah said. “You know, putting on shoes, zipping up dresses god****n running bags from here to there, holding seven bags walking through the muthaf*****g airport being a friend. But at the end of the day, if my friend not paying me and Viacom is paying me then I should be able to get a raise and my Viacom check don’t got s**t to do with her,” she continued.

Phew! There’s a lot going on here Roomies! Thoughts?

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