#TSRGreatDebatez: Okay #Roommates, everyone’s always ready to EAT but in some cases people are hesitant to pay—depending on how the bill is being split.

If you go to a group dinner, should everyone be obligated to pay for what they ordered ONLY, or should everyone just split the entire bill equally amongst each other?

Some may say it’s easier for the waiter to split the bill equally—but in times like today with apps like #CashApp and #Venmo, only one card may be necessary. 

Do ya’ll think people take advantage of doing THE MOST when ordering when they know it’s going to be split equally? What about the person who got the $12 chicken strips and a water…should they be obligated to put money towards other people’s entrees and dranks?! Sound off below!!

TSR Staff: Thembi! @ThembiTV_