Simon Guobadia Slams Porsha, Goes Yachting With Influencer

Yikes! Simon Guobadia Blasts Porsha Williams’ “Emotional State” After Allegedly Yachting With Influencer

Whew! Simon Guobadia is showing out online this week! From blasting his estranged wife, Porsha Williams, to seemingly yachting with a fitness influencer, here’s a recap of the chatter Guobadia has been fueling.

Was Simon Guobadia Yachting With THIS Fitness Influencer? Looks Like It.

First things first, on Tuesday (March 12), fans spotted Simon all over Get Bodied by J‘s Instagram profile. He was in her comment section and likes under several timeline posts. He also follows the fitness influencer, and vice versa!

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But what fans didn’t seem to expect is that Simon would take his admiration off of the ‘gram and into real life. Yet, it looks like that’s exactly what he did! Simon shared posts of him yachting and living his “one life,” as his caption said.

Then, fans peeped that Simon’s background, including the seating and view, matched Get Bodied By J’s. She was also yachting in Miami while wearing large brown sunglasses, which matched the ones sitting on a table near Simon in his posts.

Neither have confirmed or denied that they were kicking it in Miami. But, roomies, if 2+2 equals 4, then… time will tell.

Swipe below to see the similarities in Simon and Bodied By J’s posts.  

Simon Claims Porsha Williams’ Divorce Petition Wasn’t Her Idea

After enjoying fresh air with his fit and FIONE lil’ friend, Simon randomly went in on Porsha Williams. He took to his Instagram Story on Wednesday (March 13) and claimed her decision to end their marriage wasn’t initially hers.

He wrote, If You Are Behind Porsha Filing For Divorce, Please Step Up And Own Her Mental State Of Mind! #dumb**s.”

Simon then shared an edited version of his post, swapping the word “mental” for “emotional” and adding a few other words.

The edited post said:

“If You Are Behind Porsha Filing For Divorce, You Should Own Her Emotional State Of Mind. #didnotarrivehereonherownaccord”

Meanwhile, Porsha clarified to a commenter on her Instagram profile that filing for divorce is not for a ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ storyline.

@rue_matieh wrote, “You can tell she’s hurting I hope the whole thing is not for a storyline.” 

Porsha Williams pinned the comment and replied, “@rue_matieh I NEVER have and I NEVER will fake a storyline. #InrealLife” 

Simon’s saga with the fitness influencer and his taunting comments toward Porsha comes less than a month after she filed for divorce. She petitioned to end their marriage on Feb. 22 in Atlanta, Georgia, after 15 months of marriage. The pair are still working out the details of the split, including what seems like the financial divisions.

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And while Simon is out here living his best life, he’s also facing issues with his U.S. citizenship, per court documents reviewed by The Shade Room.

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