Singer Fantasia's New Man Has A Criminal Past That Includes Assaulting Women!

Singer Fantasia’s New Man Has A Criminal Past That Includes Assaulting Women!

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Just the other day, Fantasia Barrino showed off her new man, Kendall Taylor, to the world with a heart felt tribute of how much she loved him. She referenced a dream she had when she was young about a man that came to her rescue and spoiled her with praises.

Fantasia on her new man:

Well I Don’t Have That Dream Anymore because he CAME.”

You know it didn’t take long for people to start digging up his shady past! It seems like every man Fantasia gets with is exposed for something shady. People hate to see others happy these days don’t they!  B. Scott broke the news that Fantasia’s man has a checkered past!


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See Kendall Taylor was charged with a couple of misdemeanors that involved him assaulting a woman. This wasn’t a one time occurrence either, he was charged twice in 2000, and he received probation.

He was also convicted of “possession of a firearm by a convicted felon” in 2003.

It ain’t ova! In the early part of 2012, ol’ boy was also arrested for unpaid child support.

This WAS two years ago and every saint was once a sinner! It’s possible that people can change their stripes, if you knew our past…well let’s just say the Lord has brought us out of the darkness!

Now, Kendall Taylor is a partner at Metro Transportation Services and has contributed to helping his community and young black men. He has won awards, and seems to be on the up and up. The question we have for you all is, would you forgive a man with a past like this who has seemingly changed his life and done all sorts of positive things since then?

We love Fantasia, and after her last relationship we only want the best for her. We are giving Mr. Kendall Taylor the side eye only because we are protective of Fae-Fae, but we have a past too shhhiiii. Hopefully he will continue his positive streak and continue to treat our girl Fantasia right!

Best of luck to them and we are certain this doesn’t affect his ability to love!


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