Skai Jackson Speaks On Black Women Who Consider Themselves To Be Of A Lighter Complexion: 'You're Brown...'

Skai Jackson Speaks On Black Women Who Consider Themselves To Be Of A Lighter Complexion: ‘You’re Brown…’

On Thursday, Skai Jackson had an opinion about skin tone, and how some Black women claim to be lighter than what they actually are. 

She took to Twitter and stated it’s ok to be proud that you’re brown. Skai Jackson tweeted, “I don’t get why some people consider themselves “lightskin” when they aren’t.. you’re brown skin and that’s okay. Be proud about that”

Skai also followed up with, “Perfectly brown skin and proud”

A commenter said, “She’s right and some of y’all should listen to what she’s saying.”

Another person also shared, “She not lying.”

Some people wondered why does any of it even matter. One person asked, “Why do she care?”

Another one added, “Y’all care too much about skin tone.”


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Skai later stepped into The Shade Room and elaborated on her comment. Skai stated, “What I said has nothing to do with anyone directly, I’ve just known people who don’t embrace what God gave them, and make it seem like being darker skinned is a bad thing. EVERY color is beautiful.”

Most recently, Skai was in the headlines after Jordyn Woods seemingly addressed her about having an issue with her young sister, Jodie Woods.

Jordyn stated, “Saying things to my little sister. And don’t realize you’re really talking to a minor and you’re an adult. And if I have to take action on that I will. Because we letting it slide, and letting it slide, and letting it slide — and I’m sure you’re on here right now — and it’s not gon’ slide for too long. So keep it up and it’s going to be a problem because I do not mess with people messing with my family, especially when you’re way older than her. And don’t make me make it public because I will. And I’m not playing at all. So, just saying, keep it going.”

Skai later followed up and stated, “Jodie Woods and I have never had an issue. We spoke, and are confused about this fake drama. And it’s very sickening. Please leave us alone! Here we go.. making up stories and turning nothing into something.. give me a break!”


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