TSR Exclusive: Black Inc Crew’s Sky must have taken a page out of Omarion’s book because when it comes to this drama between her man 600 Breezy and his alleged baby mama Queen Key, she seems completely unbothered.

Earlier today we reported that Queen Key went off both on Twitter and IG Live, throwing some not so subtle shade at her ex and Sky. But Sky doesn’t understand where the hate is coming from as she exclusively tells us that she’s never spoken to Queen Key a day in her life.

“Breezy and her had whatever dealings BEFORE me,” Sky tells us. “I wish her nothing but a happy and healthy pregnancy! The babies didn’t ask to come into negativity.” 

Now even though Key didn’t directly “@” Sky, she definitely threw a few subs her way on Twitter, talking about Sky’s parenting and how her future children will never have a step mama.

“My kids will never have a step mama or at least one that couldn’t even take care of they own kids be for real before I hurt cho f***in feelings lmao fr,” Key tweeted.

She also said “How tf u gone be a step mama and couldn’t even take care of you own kids…and can’t have more cause u too damn old lmao breezy a** better go play before I shut his whole life down lmao.

You can get a recap of the rest of her tweets as well as her IG Live below: