Now we all know that battling it out hit-for-hit, is the latest trend that is taking over social media. It’s a time that fans get to reflect on their favorite artists and all of the amazing hits that they have in their catalogs. Now Snoop Dogg is speaking on someone he could see himself battling.

While some battles have already been scheduled, there has been a lot of talk about other battles that fans would love to see. If you all remember, we reported that Ja Rule was open to battling his arch-nemesis 50 Cent after fans suggested the matchup. However, 50 Cent said that he didn’t feel like he and Ja were on the same level when it came to their catalogs.

However, he did say that Snoop Dogg, who is a friend of his, would be a better match if he were to do a battle.

However, Snoop thinks if he were to battle, Jay-Z would be a good opponent for him.

Snoop Dogg said, “It would be a Snoop or a Jay-Z because he has been the King of New York around the time I’ve been the King of the West.”

Fat Joe chimed in and talked about how Jay-Z is more of an introvert and quiet and he’s not too sure if the battling concept would be something that he is into. Nonetheless, he thinks that it would be a good matchup.


Another legendary rapper that said he would love to face Jay-Z is DMX. As we previously reported, while appearing on N.O.R.E’s “Drink Champs,” podcast. DMX let it be known that he could definitely see himself and Jay-Z going toe-to-toe in a “Verzuz” battle.


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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94