Roommates, Uncle Snoop  is back with yet another headscarf video! Only this time, his message is not so harsh.
We know y’all didn’t forget his last video message to Gayle King, following her comments about Kobe Bryant, and although he said some not-so-nice things, Snoop Dogg says he meant Gayle no harm.
Previously, Snoop checked Gayle about some questions she asked Lisa Leslie about past allegations against Kobe Bryant. Snoop makes it clear that while most of the world is in mourning, he feels Gayle’s questions have tarnished Kobe’s legacy.
The video has sparked an even larger conversation surrounding Kobe, his legacy, and his family, and Snoop says his message may have been misunderstood.
“I’m a non-violent person. When I said what I said, I spoke for the people who felt like Gayle was very disrespectful to Kobe Bryant and his family,” Snoop says. “I didn’t want any harm to come to her, I didn’t threaten her.”
He continues, expressing that his only wish was to convey the message that Gayle should be more respectful to Kobe, his wife, and his legacy.
What are your thoughts, Roomies? Did Uncle Snoop need to apologize for his initial video? Let us know in the comments!