Social Media Debates If 'Knuck If You Buck' Should Be Canceled After Finding Out That Lil Jay Is A Trump Supporter 

Social Media Debates If ‘Knuck If You Buck’ Should Be Canceled After Finding Out That Lil Jay Is A Trump Supporter 

There is no doubt that Crime Mob‘s hit single “Knuck If You Buck” is a classic and an instant party starter. That’s why when many people found out that Lil Jay, a member of the group, and the producer of the song, was a Trump supporter they were torn about if they wanted to continue to support the record.

Lil Jay has been out of the spotlight for some time, so many people were shocked to learn that he was a supporter of Donald Trump once someone mentioned it on Twitter. During this time, cancel culture has been at an all-time high, and quickly the discussion of canceling “Knuck If You Buck,” came about once people became aware of Lil Jay’s political preference.

However, not everyone thought it was worth canceling the song just because of Lil Jay’s political views.

One person said,” Y’all not gon cancel ‘Knuck If You Buck’ so shut up lmao. y’all the same ones still eating Chic-fil-a, still on Tik Tok & still shopping at Gucci.”

While another person said, “Knuck if you buck gettin no more streams from me.”

Lil Jay even talked to a few of his followers on Instagram, and when asked if he really supported Donald Trump he said, “Yes I really do support Trump yes I do. But it’s my views, you just can’t just wipe it off and say he’s a racist. Look at the speeches, look at his policies, go to the website, and see what he did for black people. Even if you’re not a pro-black or whatever it is, look at the policies. Compare his sh*t to Obama sh*t, when it comes to black people.”


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