If there is one thing that social media is good for, it’s digging up things from the past. Many celebrities have found themselves in awkward predicaments due to social media finding things from back in the day and putting them front and center again. The latest celebs to get this treatment are mother-daughter duo Marjorie Harvey and Lori Harvey.

As you probably know by now, Lori has made quite a name for herself due to her ever-changing dating record—and dating men who are exclusive to the entertainment industry. Well, once upon a time her mother Majorie Harvey gave her some dating advice that was televised on her husband Steve Harvey’s since-cancelled daytime talk show. Marjorie’s advice contained a warning against dating rappers or athletes…advice that Lori has obviously not taken.

In the span of 2019, Lori has dated Diddy’s son Christian, Diddy himself, Trey Songz and now Future—so her mother’s advice was clearly falling on deaf ears, but here what’s Marjorie previously told her about dating back in 2015:

“I know you just started dating this year. No athletes, no rappers. We gonna come up with a list.”

Marjorie also goes on to instruct Lori to “always remain a lady” and not to engage in sex with any man that won’t turn out to be her husband. Apparently, a lot can happen in four years because as of right now, none of the comments and advice Marjorie stated in the video are being followed.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on Marjorie Harvey’s advice?