#Roommates, we’re all familiar with social media influencers and the lengths some of them will go to in the name content. Well a social media influencer by the name of #RossiLorathioAdams better known as ‘Polo’ just did THE most and is now looking at 20 years in the slammer.

According to @People, Polo was a student at Iowa State where he launched a company called State Snaps! The platform he created had over 1 million followers at the time and he (like any social media influencer) was thinking about expanding! Apparently, he had already owned the domain name “DoIt4State.com” but also wanted to own a different version of the name to expand his efforts.

According to court documents, Polo reached out to the owner of the new domain but the owner refused to sell it. So, stuck in a situation he didn’t want Polo created a plan where he would steal the domain and force the owner to sell it to him by gunpoint.

Polo reportedly asked his cousin to break into the domain owner’s home and try to steal his computer so they could change the domain ownership. He actually found his address through #GoDaddy’s registration records.

Here’s where things really get wild Roommates! SO, after finding the address Polo’s cousin broke into the home and kicked down the bedroom door where the domain owner was sleeping. Apparently, the domain owner heard Polo’s cousin trying to break in and called police while he hid. Polo’s cousin reportedly found him and tried to pistol whip him but the domain owner wrestled the gun away and was shot in the leg during the process! He also managed to shoot Polo’s cousin in the chest multiple times before police showed up.

According to the news release, a jury needed less than an hour to convict Polo of conspiracy to interfere with commerce by force, threats & violence. He now faces up to 20 years behind bars and a $250K fine.

#Roommates and social media influencers, it’s never THAT serious to get content. Don’t be like Polo.

Source: https://people.com/crime/social-media-influencer-rossi-lorathio-adams-ii-domain-name/